steem2wls rocks!

Why? Because it has never been so easy to cross-post your Steem posts to Whaleshares!

1. Connect

Login with SteemConnect and connect your Whaleshares account.

2. Post

Post on Steem - using Steemit, SteemPeak, eSteem, DTube or any other Steem dApp.

3. Enjoy

Your post is automatically cross-posted to Whaleshares. It's that easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, steem2wls does not set any beneficiaries, neither in the Premium nor in the Basic version. We don't want to take a cut from your hard-earned rewards!

We store your private posting key. Since Whaleshares does not offer any token-based service such as Steemconnect yet this is the only way we can cross-post on your behalf. We will never abuse your private posting key and aim to protect it as good as possible, but no system is unbreachable and in case we ever got hacked, hackers could get access to your private posting key and post and vote from your account until you change your keys. Your private posting key can be used for voting and posting from your account, but not to transfer your funds.

You can find your private posting key on

With masdacs, you need to go to their website and write your post there. With steem2wls, you can use Steemit/Steempeak/Busy/eSteem/Steempress or any other Steem dApp and cross-posting is done automatically in the background, much more convenient and suitable for posts created with dApps like Steemhunt, DTube or DSound as well.

Currently only cross-posting from Steem to Whaleshares is supported. Two-way cross-posting might be integrated in the future.

If you update your post on Steem, it will be automatically updated on Whaleshares as well. If you update your post on Whaleshares, it will not be updated automatically on Steem since we don't have access to your Steem account. This feature is only available for Premium users.

Yes! You can set the maximum post age to a large number (for example 365 to include all posts from the past year) and then edit your post on Steem (e.g. with Steemit). Your post will get cross-posted to Whaleshares automatically! Please note that due to Blockchain limitations only one new post can be created every 5 minutes.

Yes, as soon as you have linked your Whaleshares account you can choose to have steem2wls operate in auto mode (default) or manual mode. In auto mode all posts get cross-posted by default, in manual mode no posts by default. You can then specify specific tags to include/exclude or use a code snipped in your Steem posts to include/exclude them.

No! You can send any amount higher than 0.001 SBD/STEEM to the Steem account steem2wls and the correct amount of days will be applied automatically. If you send 10 SBD or more, the yearly discount will be accounted for automatically.

Yes! Any STEEM sent will be automatically converted to SBD for the current internal market rate.

No, we only accept payments in STEEM or SBD.

Yes! Simply send a transfer to steem2wls and put the username of the user you want to gift steem2wls Premium to in the memo field. This user needs to have registered with steem2wls already (=linked their Whaleshares account), otherwise the Premium subscription will be applied to the account sending the transfer. If neither the account in the memo nor the account sending the transfer have registered with steem2wls, the transfer will be refunded to the sender.

When someone joins steem2wls using your referral link, you both receive 30 Premium days once. Whenever a user you referred pays for Premium days, you will receive 10% of these days (the referred user still receives 100%).

No, your referrer can only be set once when you first link your Whaleshares account.

Various types of ads can be displayed below your posts, including but not limited to referral links to dApps, possibly including sensitive topics such as gambling. If you don't wish to have ads below your posts, upgrade to steem2wls Premium.


To pay for server costs we charge a small fee for our service. But don't worry: New users receive a complimentary Premium subscription for 30 days which gets activated as soon as you connect your Whaleshares account! After that, you can choose to extend your Premium subscription or will be downgraded to the limited Basic service. All prices apply per Steem account - if you want to cross-post from multiple Steem accounts, you need multiple subscriptions.



  • 1 post per week
  • Edits are not updated
  • Basic settings only
  • Ads below posts
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Premium monthly

1 SBD / mo

  • Unlimited posts for 30 days
  • Cross-Editing
  • Customization
  • No ads
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Premium yearly

10 SBD / yr

  • Unlimited posts for 365 days
  • Cross-Editing
  • Customization
  • No ads
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